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About Us

Travel Nation provides unbeatable and comprehensive flight and package deals to individuals and corporates. We have a leadership team with a combination of 50 years’ experience in travel and we therefore have the knowledge, expertise and professionalism to manage all areas of the travel industry.

Our team knows that in order to make a good business great we need to have a foundation built on the right partnership and supplier deals enabling us to offer competitive pricing throughout the organisation (including high-tech and high-touch solutions).

Furthermore, we cater to all age groups, individuals or businesses wishing to make a travel booking. We also have a loyalty programme called Travelnation Miles where you get special travel rewards if you regularly make use of our services.  

Excellent Service

As a result of our size, we are able to ensure unparalleled customer service. We endeavor to put all customers first and to see to their needs on a one-on-one basis.

Passion for Travel

Our travel consultants are dedicated and experienced and they have a limitless passion for the travel industry. All consultants have travelled extensively, either within South Africa or abroad. Consultants thus have first-hand experience of numerous cities around the world and will be able to provide customers with in-depth information, advice and tips for travel planning. If we cannot answer your questions upfront, we will find the answers you need as soon as possible and chat to our industry connections. We’ll gladly help you with any research or ideas you may need for your travels.

Why Book with Us?

  • Travel Nation offers South Africans the most competitive travel packages and flight deals.
  • You can use our web booking software to instantly book your flights by yourself quickly and easily. Note that this is separate from our flight deals and flight packages that must be enquired about. Using our web travel software means you can save time and money.
  • We have the lowest service fees for travel bookings in the country.
  • There are no hidden costs – we endeavor to provide you with all information regarding flight deals and packages (please also read our terms and conditions carefully).
  • Additionally, Travel Nation has a goal of becoming South Africa’s most reliable, professional travel agency. We have seen need for a trustworthy and reliable online travel agent, excellent customer service, coupled with unbeatable travel prices. We aim to fill this gap and make travel accessible to as many South Africans as possible.
  • We offer Travel Nation Miles for those loyal to us. Travel Nation Miles ensure you get great rewards and discounts.

Should you require a prompt response or wish to make a travel booking as soon as possible, contact us via email: enquiry@travelnation.co.za.