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Travel Accommodation

Booking accommodation at a hotel can be just as costly and time consuming as booking a flight. However, since we work in close collaboration with leading travel operators throughout the country, you need not spend more than a few minutes securing your accommodation using our online booking interface to the left of this page.

Whether you wish to experience a comfortable stay and save money or you’re looking for first-rate accommodation to complement your exquisite tastes, the hotels listed in our directory cater for all preferences and budgets. Each hotel is ranked using the crown measurement system, with a crown rating of 1 representing the most reasonably priced, basic form of accommodation and a rating of 5 representing accommodation of the highest quality.  

We are constantly negotiating with top hotel operators to obtain unbeatable discounts for our customers, so rest assured that when you book hotel accommodation through Travel Nation you will get the lowest rates possible.

Find the most affordabel accommodation

How to book hotel accommodation:

1.  Click on the "Start Searching" tab above.
2.  Enter your destination, check-in and check-out dates.
3.  Select a crown rating using the drop-down menu and enter a hotel name if you wish to secure accommodation at a specific venue.
4.  Select the number of adults and children to be accommodated using the drop-down menu.
5.  Finally, click the ‘Search for Hotels’ tab.