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Honeymoon Destinations: Where To Go After You’ve Said ‘I Do’.

Last update on July 24, 2013.

Honeymoon Destinations: Where To Go After You’ve Said ‘I Do’.

After shaking the confetti out of your hair, removing your dancing shoes from tired feet and forcing left over bits of cake to unsuspecting relatives, most couples look forward to a well-deserved break after months of wedding planning. A honeymoon is a special time to spend relaxing just as a couple, but it is also a chance to get used to life as a newly married pair.

Whether you’ve just tied the knot or are looking to take a second honeymoon, choosing the right destination is incredibly important. Creating a romantic atmosphere as well as catering for the needs of you and your partner is the difference between having the perfect honeymoon break and one that leaves something to be desired. Many couples dream of romantic sun-soaked beaches, luxurious honeymoon suites and the chance to relax together on their special holiday away. However, some couples come up against problems when faced with deciding where to go. There can sometimes be too much choice and it is essential for both partners to agree on the right honeymoon destination. Aside from beach holidays, there are a number of honeymoon packages to choose from, each of which is designed to suit the interests and needs of any couple.

For a cultured honeymoon:

Couples that are into history and culture may become frustrated with a honeymoon package that is designed around relaxing on a beach all day everyday. You may want to get out there and explore what culture a country has to offer, visit historical sites and get involved with the local lifestyle. If you enjoy arts, music and literature as a couple, then perhaps this type of honeymoon is an ideal option.

One of the best places for soaking up the local culture is Rome in Italy. Globally renowned for being an iconic cultural destination, visitors can explore the Colosseum, check out the numerous art galleries and stroll between the beautiful examples of historic architecture. Italy is also known for being one of the world food capitals, so honeymooners can indulge in some of the most mouthwatering Italian delicacies in the world.

Rome Honeymoon Package

For a romantic honeymoon:

Romance is obviously one of the most important elements to planning the perfect honeymoon. For honeymooners that want the full rose-petals-on-the-bed experience, choosing the right hotel in the right setting is what couples need to think carefully about. What constitutes as romantic will be different for each couple, but a good place to start is to look at beach holiday destinations.

The Seychelles is often chosen as the romantic destination of choice by honeymooners and it is easy to see why. With crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and warm year-round temperatures, it is a veritable haven for loved-up couples. There are a plethora of hidden coves, world-class restaurants and romantic hideaways for couples who just want to focus on each other. The Seychelles is a breathtaking paradise that is guaranteed to provide the right romantic setting for newlyweds.

Seychelles Honeymoon

For a relaxing honeymoon:

Planning a wedding is said to be one of the most stressful things a couple undertakes in their life together. Often a wedding amalgamates months or even years of choosing décor, tasting menus and planning guest lists. For this reason, many couples see their honeymoon as a chance to get away from it all and relax after the wedding planning pressure. It may be that you want to spend time getting couple’s massages, strolling on the beach or simply relaxing by the pool with a glass of wine. Beach holidays are often a great way of getting some hard-earned relaxation time and honeymooners should think about choosing a hotel with spa facilities.

The Indian Ocean island of Mauritius is often picked by newlyweds because of this. The beautiful castaway island boasts white beaches, coral reefs and idyllic natural escapes. For couples who want to escape the beach for a day or two, the Tamarind Falls are a stunning place to take a cooling swim. Port Louis is a great area for couples looking to explore local markets, which are famed for selling fragrant spices and tealeaves.

Mauritius Honeymoon

These are just a few honeymoon ideas that are guaranteed to suit couples of all dispositions. Whether you’re looking for a cultured city break, a romantic beach holiday or a relaxing escape, planning your honeymoon is one of the most important things to do when you get married. After all, why not start your wonderful years of marriage off with a once-in-a-lifetime holiday?

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