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The Best Mountains to Hike in South Africa

Last update on Aug. 2, 2013.

The Best Mountains to Hike in South Africa

Table Mountain

If during your time in South Africa, you have chance to visit Cape Town, then the hike up Table Mountain is a must on your to do list. Table Mountain is part of the world’s floral kingdom, and the cape floristic region adds to the beauty and adventure of a hike up this mountain. Treks vary from one day treks to overnight trails. The most popular trail that tourists take is Platteklip Gorge. The hike takes around two hours, and is very straight forward and well sign posted. Once at the top of the mountain you can enjoy the stunning views of the town below, the sparkling ocean and the beautiful landscape. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can abseil from the cliff edge, or if you’d prefer an easy route down you can always go back to the bottom using one of Table Mountain’s cable cars.

 photo e22151e9-d834-4c00-a1b3-e078940e5eee_zps5bfe9030.jpg

Drakensberg Mountains

Treks up the Drakensberg Mountains vary with something for everyone, for those that are seeking a gentle and easier trail, to trekkers craving challenge and adventure on a more extended trek. From as high as 10,000 ft, the Drakensberg Mountains feature striking sandstone ridges, forests and land. The Drakensberg mountains are on the border of Lesotho and KwaZulu-Natal. The best way to get to the mountains before beginning your hike is by car. Public transport is irregular, and only really advisable to use if you have a larger time frame for your day. Thabana Ntlenyana is the highest mountain in South Africa and is located just on the ridge of the Drakensberg mountains. At 3482 meters high, Thabana Ntlenyana is one to be tackled by a more advanced hiker. Giant’s Castle is another popular mountain peak in the Drakensberg Mountains, and throughout the trek, Giant’s Castle offers breathtaking panaromic views. The landmark claims its namesake through the mountain’s structure that resembles that of a sleeping giant. There is lots of nearby accommodation and the Giant’s Castle game reserve and the bushman rock art upon the caves of Giant’s Castle are unforgettable.

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Tsitsikamma Mountains

The Tsitsikamma Mountains are located in the Garden Route region of South Africa. The name ‘Tsitsikamma’ comes from the meaning of a place with lots of water, and these mountains have just that! The range of the Tsitsikamma Mountains is across the Keurbooms River and Eerste River. Many streams and rivers have formed throughout the landscape, and the sounds of the water during your hike add that extra feeling of peacefulness and relaxation. The Tsitsikamma hiking trail is one of the first and most famous treks in South Africa which takes you through the Tsitsikamma Mountains. The hiking trail takes six days, and begins at Natures Valley, and finishes at the Storms River Bridge and village. There is lots of wildlife to see across the trail, and guests encounter animals such as baboons and monkeys, honey badgers and bushpigs and bushbucks. The gorgeous scenery and views along the journey through the Tsitsikamma Mountains, determine this hike as one of the best in South Africa.

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