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The Most Picturesque Areas in the Western Cape.

Last update on Sept. 3, 2013.

The Most Picturesque Areas in the Western Cape.

From vineyards to white sandy beaches, the Western Cape is one of the most beautiful places on earth – but where are the best places to visit for a scenic view?

Here at Travel Nation, we firmly believe that South Africa is one of the most naturally stunning countries on the globe. With so many different natural phenomenon to discover, from the majestic Drakensberg to the vast bushveld plains, it is country just waiting to be explored.

For this reason, we have decided to put together a series of blog posts that combine our local knowledge and some in-depth research (because looking at pictures of scenery definitely counts as work) into what the most beautiful places are in each province. Today, we’re focusing on the Western Cape and everything the diverse-yet-stunning region has to offer.

Cape Winelands

Needless to say, the Western Cape is famed for its legendary wines. However, the Winelands are not just worth a visit to sample a tipple or two. They are a veritable feast for those who enjoy stunning natural scenery and there are some particularly breathtaking spots for visitors to explore. The Winelands as a region can be defined by its historical charm, mountainous surroundings and sheer natural beauty. A particular must-visit is Paarl Mountain, which is actually one of the world’s largest solid rocks in the world. With picturesque fynbos vegetation and a variety of different flora and fauna, it is an area that is extremely striking and certainly worth being on our ‘most picturesque spots in the Western Cape’ list.

Plettenberg Bay

Locally known as Plett, Plettenberg Bay is certainly a jewel in the Garden Route. Celebrated for having a tranquil, laid back vibe and an exceptional climate, this Western Cape town is a go-to region for locals and tourists alike. One of the main appeals of Plettenberg Bay is the unspoilt sandy beaches, which stretch for 15 kilometers along the coastline. It’s one of the best areas to go whale watching, and the lagoons and river mouths that punctate the shoreline mean it is also a fantastic fishing spot. Aside from the stunning beaches, Plettenberg Bay is a nature lover’s haven, with indigenous forests and a variety of different bird species.

The Cederberg

Towards the more Northern region of the Western Cape lies the Cederberg, which is a stunning region comprising of rugged natural beauty. With both wilderness and mountains to tempt travellers, it is a dramatic landscape with beautiful rock formations and fantastic wildlife. Indeed, lucky travellers to this region have the opportunity to encounter the elusive Cape mountain leopard, although these are notoriously shy. The area is also famed for its citrus orchards, but also for the famous South African tea, Rooibos, which is also grown in the region. With some of the finest flower species in the world and majestic sandstone mountains, it is an area of unparalleled beauty that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

These are just three of our favourite spots in the Western Cape, but if you have anymore to add, why not connect with us on Facebook or Twitter?

If you’re looking to travel to the Western Cape, check out our flights to Cape Town, from which you can explore everything this beautiful province has to offer!

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Lauren Forse

This article was written by: Lauren Forse

Born and bred in the Eastern Cape, Lauren is an experienced travel writer who enjoys visiting wild beaches and exploring new cities. You can follow Lauren Forse on , Twitter and LinkedIn.

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