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Summer in South Africa – What Do We Love The Most?

Last update on Oct. 22, 2013.

Summer in South Africa – What Do We Love The Most?

With summer well and truly on the way, we’ve been having a think of our favourite things about the summertime in South Africa. With some of the best subtropical weather in the Southern Hemisphere, beautiful scenery and over 2500 kilometers of coastline to explore, summer in South Africa is a time to be spent chilling out and having fun with friends and family. But what are we looking forward to the most and how can we make the most of the summer months?

Beach Days

South African beaches are world renowned for being amongst some of the most stunning in the world. From the bustling city waterfronts to the wild solitary beaches in the Eastern Cape, we have a plethora of beaches available to us. For those of us who live on the coast, popping down to the beach on a Saturday afternoon with a picnic is a fantastic summer activity. Knowing the top local spots is the best way to make the most of our beaches, and each of us is sure to have our own favourite. If you live inland, the summer holidays are the perfect opportunity to take a holiday and enjoy everything South African beaches have to offer. Why not check out our South African travel packages for more ideas? It’s worth remembering that whale watching season lasts until the end of October – so if you’re keen to spot some of these majestic animals, head down to the beach sooner rather than later!


The winter months certainly don’t stop South Africans from firing up the braai, but the summer months make for perfect evenings around the fire with friends and family. Warm evenings and long days at the beach make lighting the braai and relaxing with a cold drink even more satisfying. All you need for the perfect summer braai is some boerewors, homemade potato salad and any other particular braai favourites (and of course, friends and family to share it all with!). Top your summer braai off with roasted marshmallows over the smouldering coals.

Game Drives

While the school holidays mean that safari parks can be quite crowded during the summer, it is a great opportunity to explore the smaller safari parks that often have a great array of animals – including the big five. With the summer thunderstorms and rain that accompanies them, it can mean that the bush is lush and green. This can mean that animals are more difficult to spot, but it can also make for stunning scenes by waterholes. Whether you take a day trip to a safari local to your or a longer safari break, the summer is a great time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and spot amazing African wildlife. It’s worth mentioning that South African summer flowers are second to none, meaning your game drive is likely to be even more spectacular.

These are just a few of the amazing things to do in the South African summertime. Whether you are planning to spend the summer days chilling on the beach or getting involved in something a bit more active, our beautiful country is the perfect place to be! If you have any favourite summer activities that we haven’t mentioned, why not connect with us on Facebook or Twitter? If you’re planning a summer break, then why not check out what travel packages in South Africa we have on offer too?

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Lauren Forse

This article was written by: Lauren Forse

Born and bred in the Eastern Cape, Lauren is an experienced travel writer who enjoys visiting wild beaches and exploring new cities. You can follow Lauren Forse on , Twitter and LinkedIn.

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