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2014 Honeymoon Packages

If you do not feel any of the below honeymoon packages cater for your needs, we have plenty more on offer. Please call our sales team in Johannesburg on 011 833 0343.

There is something to suit each and every taste and budget. And better yet, if one of our package deals doesn’t suit your needs, then simply drop us a line and tell us your requirements and we’ll tailor-make a package to suit your needs. 

Whether you want a culturally oriented honeymoon to the intriguing Angkor Wat in Cambodia or a relaxed, romantic beach experience near the crystal clear waters of the Seychelles, we’ll provide you with the best possible price. 

Our professionals have years of industry experience and compile all honeymoon packages from scratch. Our travel professionals take into account the exact needs of couples. We want your honeymoon to be a stress-free occasion whereby you hop on a plane and experience the splendor and luxurious of your chosen destination. We want to make your trip the most memorable and the most romantic experience you will treasure for years to come. 

Advantages of Booking a Honeymoon Package with Travel Nation

• We obtain the best prices from travel industry suppliers to keep to your budget

• Our team of travel professionals have years of industry experience and have a passion for making your honeymoon as memorable and as pleasant as possible

• We see to each and every requirement you may have for this special trip and offer the personal touch unlike other online booking agents 

• We offer easy and quick bookings and ensure that your needs are met within the shortest time period possible

• We can tailor-make a package to suit your needs should you not see one on our website that appeals to you. 

Honeymoon Planning Tips

Consider these useful planning tips and questions to get you thinking about your honeymoon. We’ll help you every step of the way after you furnish us with some brief information about your needs.

• Plan as soon as possible and well in advance 

• Decide where you both want to go and what destinations appeal to you the most

• Decide on a budget and don’t exceed this - consider insurance, medical aid, costs of Visas, flights, hotels, airport transfers etc. 

• Decide on a timeframe and when you will both be able to take off from work and get away from other commitments you may have

• Consider the type of honeymoon you’re after – cultural, relaxing, entertaining, romantic – the sky is the limit!

• Consider booking at a hotel that offers special rooms and services geared towards honeymooners.