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School Groups

Travel Nation is an affiliate of Trendsetters Travel, an international tour agency providing customised group travel for educational and sporting purposes. Trendsetters Travel specialises in sports, cultural and academic tours for schools. The company has years of experience when it comes to organising quality tours tailored to your budget. The Travel Nation teams thus works closely with Trendsetters Travel to ensure you obtain the best possible package deal for an enriching experience that learners will remember for years to come.

School Groups

We Offer the Following Types of School Tours:

  • Culinary/Foodie Tours
  • Sports Tours – Rugby, Hockey, Netball and Cricket Educational Tours
  • Academic Tours
  • Enrichment Tours

Our Affiliation with Trendsetters Travel

The Travel Nation team has specifically chosen to work with Trendsetters Travel as an affiliate company because of its excellent and in-depth experience and professionalism in organising group tours.

We know just how stressful organising a group trip for a school can be since there are so many considerations which need to be taken into account. Together with Trendsetters Travel, Travel Nation endeavours to provide your educational institution with as much support as possible at every stage of the trip planning process.

We ensure you have a dedicated travel professional to plan the trip and help you with your every need. This is our way of ensuring you obtain personal customer service that goes far beyond a call-centre experience.

Working together with Trendsetters also means that we obtain competitive prices for group and school travel so you are guaranteed to get the best rate in the country. 

Benefits of Group Trips for Schools and Educational Institutions

  • Both learners and educators are guaranteed to gain a greater understanding of life in another country or place.
  • Learners are forced to leave their family, the comforts of home and experience a new way of life with fellow classmates which helps them grow as people and makes them more independent.
  • Learners obtain first-hand experience of the real world which is extremely valuable.
  • An overseas sports tour is a fabulous way for learners to improve their sporting abilities, skills, leadership and team spirit.
  • An overseas academic or cultural tour is a great way for learners to experience their curriculum first-hand. It makes studying a particular topic so much more relevant!

Why Book Through the Travel Nation

Our knowledge of the travel industry is particularly extensive and we know what it takes to ensure learners and educators have a enriching, enjoyable experience but also one that is smooth and hopefully as hassle-free and as safe as possible.  

We will work towards customising an itinerary to your exact travel requirements. We take into consideration the sports fixtures, outings you would like to go on, educational workshops or training sessions etc. We also ensure that we importantly keep to your budget requirements.

Trendsetters and Travel Nation will even go as far as conducting a presentation at your school as this is an excellent, informative manner in which to encourage parents to send their children on a trip and it also creates an excitement and interest in a new place/experience. We use multi-media and photographs from trips we have planned and organised and use this to demonstrate the usefulness of a valuable travel experience. This presentation will be conducted free of charge and with no obligation. It’s a great way to gauge interest from parents, learners and educators alike.