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Terms and Conditions

1. Preamble

TRAVEL NATION (Flyfirst Pty Ltd ) Ltd, Registration Number 2013/011695/07

1.2 TRAVEL NATION carries on business under the regulations of the Association of South African Travel Agents (“ASATA”) and provides clients (YOU/YOUR) with travel and/or other services on behalf of principals and/or other agents engaged in, or associated with the Travel Industry, including inter alia, airlines, tour operators, hotels, shipping companies, car hire and other providers of air, land, sea or any other travel arrangements, products or services (“the Supplier/s”).

2. The Website

This website can be accessed at www.travelnation.co.za (“The Website”) and is made available by Fly First Pty Ltd. This enables you to book flights, land arrangements, packages and tours with third party suppliers (“the Suppliers” ) where content will appear on the website or a call to the Agent might be necessary. The Agent is not responsible for any third party supplier deals, products on offer.

The Website includes links to booking engines such as Billian and a banking/payment gateway products, which are not owned by the Agent or under the Agent’s control and for which products you acknowledge the Agent is not responsible in law. As such, you acknowledge that the part of the material accessible through these products on the Website, is provided by such third parties, and the Agent is not responsible for this material.

3. Liability

3.1 TRAVEL NATION acts as agents/brokers only on behalf of the Supplier/s and accordingly on receipt by TRAVEL NATION of any booking, TRAVEL NATION shall transmit any such booking to the Supplier/s concerned and endeavor to secure the necessary reservations and arrangements.

3.2 Neither TRAVEL NATION nor any holding, parent, subsidiary, affiliated or associated company or representative of TRAVEL NATION shall be liable for any loss, injury of, or damage to your person and/or property whatsoever arising from any actions, errors or omissions on the part of the Supplier/s.

3.3 The Supplier/s for whom TRAVEL NATION acts as agents may in turn be acquitted from responsibility in that they act as agent themselves or have contracted out of liability, and it is therefore recommended that appropriate insurance be taken out for all travelers.

4. Bookings, Change of Arrangements, Routes and Prices (Online & Offline)

4.1 Online

Travel Reservations made on / through the Website, it is your duty to

  1. Carefully read the terms and conditions of the airline / supplier
  2. To check that the details on the booking confirmation is correct as per reservation made online from the Agent
  3. Send correct details and deliver/ convey all necessary information set on in the terms and conditions of Travel Nation or any third party supplier

The Agent cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any misunderstanding or errors regarding the process. The Agent cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any misunderstanding or errors regarding the process

4.2 Offline

  1. “The booking” or “the reservation” refer to part, or all of the travel arrangements for transportation, accommodation, sightseeing and other travel/tourism services made on behalf of a client with Supplier/s, and excludes services of a peripheral nature as described in Clause 7.
  2. All bookings are made subject to the terms and conditions specified by the Supplier/s and by booking, you become contractually bound to the Supplier/s’ terms and conditions pertaining to such booking.
  3. Wherever possible, TRAVEL NATION will endeavour to confirm the status of any booking in writing, but we may not always be able to do so. In such cases, failure to provide written confirmation shall not be considered to negate the validity and conditions of the booking or to constitute an act of negligence on behalf of TRAVEL NATION
  4. In the event of there being an unscheduled extension or curtailment to the booking caused by flight delays, bad weather, terrorism, strike or any other cause that is beyond the control of TRAVEL NATION /the Supplier/s, any expenses relating to these unscheduled extensions (hotel accommodation, etc) will be for your account and there shall be no right to any refund in respect of the curtailed portion of the booking.
  5. In the event that any supplier is unable to provide the service confirmed to you, TRAVEL NATION or the Supplier/s shall be entitled to substitute alternative arrangements of similar standard to those set out in the original booking.

5. Payment, Delivery and Additional Charges (Online and Offline)


Please note the payment methods on www.travelnation.co.za via credit card or electronic bank transfer. In order to reduce our risk, we do a credit check on every credit card customer - this allows us to make the transaction with no chance of fraud. This also protects you, the credit card holder, as we ensure that you do not have a criminal using your credit card on our site. All card numbers are transmitted using SSL technology, which encrypts all the data. Travel Nation do not store credit card numbers. As a result, we will need you to submit your credit card details after every transaction. An authorisation will be done on your credit card as soon as the order is placed.

Please note that only the credit cards specified on the Website will be accepted.

If you pay via electronic bank transfer, please use the following bank details and send your proof of payment to enquiry@travelnation.co.za or fax it to 0866 6219883.

Bank details:

  • Bank: Fnb Woodstock
  • Account name: Flyfirst Pty Ltd
  • Account number: • 62398452781
  • Branch Code: 201909


  • All Airline tickets, car and accommodation vouchers are electronic and will be emailed or faxed to the recipient
  • Orders placed on weekends or holidays are processed the following working day, however we will endeavor to get it done immediately.
  • All packages booked on the Website or directly with the Agent, will emailed or fax directly to the recipient.
  • All documentation for the school groups will be delivered directly to the school.


All bookings made or reservations held by TRAVEL NATION on your behalf, are subject to payment being made by credit card or internet transfer (eft), on or before the due date specified in the booking confirmation. In the absence of other arrangements/time periods for payment, specified in the booking confirmation, full payment for any booking shall be due at least 6 (six) weeks prior to departure.

Prices quoted do not include any items or services not specified in the booking confirmation, and which items may include: airport taxes, cost of obtaining visas and passports, telephone calls, laundry, meals and beverages, etc. Prices quoted cannot be fixed until such time as full payment has been received by TRAVEL NATION and final documentation has been issued (“the Booking Finalisation Date”). Prices quoted may vary up to the Booking Finalisation Date due to supplier price changes and currency fluctuation and any additional costs shall be solely for your account.

TRAVEL NATION reserves the right to cancel any booking made or reservation held, should the deposit and/or full payment due, not be received on or before the date specified in the booking confirmation/these Terms and Conditions. TRAVEL NATION reserves the right to raise additional charges/fees for late bookings and alterations/amendments after the booking confirmation has been finalized 4.6 Interest at 2% above the current prime bank overdraft rate will automatically be applied to all overdue amounts.

For the business traveler who has a corporate credit account with TRAVEL NATION, accounts are payable on presentation of statement dealing with such account or in accordance with the terms of the Corporate Travel Services Agreement between TRAVEL NATION and the corporate in question. Any invoice and/or statement received by you shall be payable in full and no deduction or set off may be made by you.

6. Insurance

6.1 TRAVEL NATION is available to assist the traveler obtaining travel insurance, on request.

6.2 Any instruction to obtain travel insurance, must be in writing and any policy of insurance so obtained, will be subject to such exceptions and conditions as may be imposed by the insurance company or underwriters issuing the policy of insurance

6.3 The Traveler shall be solely responsible to:

6.3.1 ensure that any travel insurance policy meets with the travelers requirements, including but not limited to conducting his/her/its own investigation into the exceptions and conditions that are imposed under any policy of insurance; and

6.3.2 effect any separate insurance required for any risks so excluded, as required by the traveler in his/her/its sole discretion.

6.4 The company shall not be held responsible or liable:

6.4.1 for any advise which it or its representatives furnish in relation to travel insurance; or

6.4.2 for filing/prosecuting a claim on the traveler’s behalf against any insurer/underwriter who has issued a policy to the traveler;

6.4.3 for any claim disputed/rejected by the insurers.

7. Peripheral Requirements

TRAVEL NATION will endeavor to assist you in obtaining or meeting the requirements for passports, visas, health documents, insurance, foreign exchange, Reserve Bank and other bank approvals, use of credit cards, customs and immigration regulations as well as other peripheral requirements or services falling outside the actual travel booking due to the constant changing nature of such peripheral requirements and services, TRAVEL NATION shall not be liable for ensuring that these requirements and services are provided correctly or timeously or at all, nor shall TRAVEL NATION be liable for the accuracy of any information or any lack of information provided by TRAVEL NATION relating to such requirements and/or services.

8. Cancellation and Refunds

8.1 In the event of cancellation of the booking for any reason whatsoever, partially or in full, by or on behalf of you, TRAVEL NATION reserves the right to claim the services, administration, communication and cancellation charges reasonable in the circumstances or specified in the booking confirmation and which charges will inter alia depend on the debits TRAVEL NATION receives from the Supplier/s with whom the reservations were made on your behalf.

8.2 Generally no refunds are entertained by TRAVEL NATION/the Supplier/s of travel services for no-shows or unused services.

9. Interpretation, Law Applicable and Jurisdiction

9.1 Words implying the singular, shall include the plural and vice versa, words importing one gender shall include any other and reference to natural persons shall include legal entities and vice versa.

9.2 This agreement is governed by South African Law.

9.3 The Parties hereby consent to the jurisdiction of the appropriate Magistrate’s Court in regard to any action and/or proceedings based on/or arising from these Standard Conditions of Business.

9.4 This document reflects the only and full agreement between you and TRAVEL NATION and any variation and/or extension thereof shall not be valid unless agreed to by TRAVEL NATION in writing.

9.5 Your domicilium citandi and excutandi for the purposes of any legal proceedings arising between TRAVEL NATION and YOU will be YOUR address as stated in the (Provisional) Booking Confirmation.